Stax Plus Kit

Porcelain Modeling Liquid Kit

The King of Porcelain Modeling Liquids

Stax Plus is a universal modeling liquid for both low and high fusing porcelains including lithium di silicate and Yz layering porcelains.


Kit includes:
(1) 16oz / 480ml bottle and
(1) 2 oz / 59.14ml bottle
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Stax Plus Porcelain Modeling Liquid Kit

Stax Plus Advantages

  • Eliminates wet porcelain “slumping” during building and handling
  • Reduces buildup time by 25% with no change in technique
  • Self-condenses minimizing the “tap /blot” condensing process
  • Units fire clearer than with plain water for optimum depth of shade
  • Superior modeling for laterally segmented buildups
  • Reduces firing shrinkage by approximately 50%
  • Universal use for low and high fusing porcelains
  • Eliminates steam tears and margin lifts

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1. Mix Stax Plus liquid into your porcelain powder as you would any other liquid or water.

2. As your porcelain mix needs it, rewet using distilled water. The binder chemistry does not evaporate with the water in the mix.

3. If your porcelain totally dries out on the palate, throw it out or the fine particles in the porcelain will stick together and cause a cloudy firing in your restorations.

4. Caution: Stax Plus’ rapid condensing feature may result in over working the condensing of the porcelain. When the porcelain mix does not move or change surface texture – STOP working the buildup. Any work after this point is over condensing and can cause the wet porcelain to become clay like and to start lifting off the surface of the restoration interface.


Will Stax Plus produce better shades for e.max, Lava and other similar porcelain products?
Yes. The special chemistry of Stax Plus enables it to optimize the light refraction in the fired porcelain. All brands of porcelain condense better with Stax Plus. It eliminates air space that can negatively affect the shade of the porcelain. Jim Emmons CDT, FNBC


Stax Plus : Porcelain Modeling Liquid Kit