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Dental Creations, Ltd.

The Story of the Family Business Built to Serve Customers and Community

Gina ParkerBy Gina Parker, Limited Partner
Dental Creations, Ltd. began while on a swimming outing on the Brazos River in Waco, Texas. Doris Craig, the inventor of Wonderfill, asked about getting a patent for her new product idea. Patent law is not my legal specialty, but becoming an investor was of interest.While a lawyer by training, I had a knack for business that came from growing up in an entrepreneurial family. My family and I embarked on the challenging and exciting journey of building a small manufacturing company.

Our Passion, Helping Others
Our family dream was to build a strong business that would provide additional resources for our passion for ministry and our passion for women’s ministry. While supporting mission work as an attorney and traveling all over the world with various missionary groups, including travel to India, Ukraine, and Hungary, my desire was to create a corpus that would be a source of ongoing funding. One ministry that has been supported through both businesses is CharisTV which reaches the country of Hungary through television.

Above: Gina Parker speaking at a Hungary women’s meeting.
Among other programs, CharisTV provides interpreters and broadcasts Joyce Meyers’ and Andrew Womack’s teaching tapes which provide practical advice for daily life as well as teaching about the grace and love of God. As mentioned, helping hurting women, especially the abused, is a passion. For a number of years, I have spoken to women’s groups all over the world sharing the love of God to those in need of encouragement. Little did I know that I would find myself the victim of abuse, so now my story of overcoming is a message that I share with those faced with similar situations.

Our Products / Our Mission

Save Time and Money
The first product was Wonderfill, known as the Easy In and Easy Out Tongue and Void Filler. Wonderfill plus Wonderformers or the Wonderortho Formers are used for boxing and pouring models saving as much as 20 minutes per model. These first products formed the basis for our corporate mission statement, Save Time and Money with the Wonder Product Line. In the busy world we live in, time is a rare commodity and for me time with my family is what life is all about. When I think about saving a lab technician, a dental assistant, or a dentist time, I think about giving them time with their families and friends.

Our Team

Quality Products from Caring People

“At Dental Creations we strive for a continuous effort to improve our processes, products and services. We always want to ensure top quality products are delivered to all of our customers. We pride ourselves on high quality production which in turn brings highly satisfied customers.”

– Ron Gonzales, Production Manager

“The quality of our products and customer service are very important to us. I enjoy being on the phone with new customers and talking to them about our products. We have an awesome team that cares about the company, the customers, and the quality of the products.”

– Shelli Rosenkranz, Office Manager

Our Future

Leading the Dental Industry with Innovation
We are working with the leading dental industry consultants and with inventors to bring the customer more amazing products.
Do you have product ideas?
We can help make them a reality. Contact us at 254.772.4661, so we can partner together to make a difference in providing more innovative products.